We apologize for the mess.
We have temporarily disabled the entire site, due to fraud by an unidentifiable person/s and lack of support from our former parent company, ( The doman registration company that provided services to DomainSecure.com.)

Once a security fix can be implemented the full site will be available.

Please do not be alarmed,  Your information has not been affected.

Existing customers you may contact me directly for information to gain access to your account.

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We were using the Reseller service through Enom.com to manage and run DomainSecure.com, since 1999. After some person will malicious intent targeted our domain registration service to fraudulently register domains, Enom.com’s only response was to lock the account – Over and over again. All fees collected by Enom.com from DomainSecure.com were not refunded to DomainSecure.com. While we were aware that this might happen, I did read their T&Cs. This person kept opening new accounts, purchasing the same domains for ten years, and then reversing charges. We are charged a very hefty transaction fee by Enom.com each time our commissions were reversed, but the transaction fees were not. Enom.com, from what I can tell, still profits from these fraudulent transactions, by keeping the fees charged to the reseller. Therefore, they make money by charging me transaction fees on the fraudulent activity, which I had nothing to do with.
When I discovered the issue and began to contact Enom.com, I literally spent hours on hold waiting for help. The support system went almost days between responses and in many cases, days. When I finally received a call back, it was from a person that was very helpful and personable. He was able to help me figure out the fraudulent customer issue, and the non-refunded fees, but had no suggestion to repair it. In fact, two gentlemen contacted me, but to the same conclusion: no way to fix it. I also received an email from a third representative. Pretty much, the only solution they had was for me to shut down the site. None of the three seemed to care that Enom.com was about to lose another customer. Two of them said none of their superiors cared either. No wonder GoDaddy has taken over the market.
I was already dissatisfied with the growth and progress Enom.com has made over the last ten years with their Reseller platform. That is why for many years now I have also been promoting YourBusinessNeedsA.com, my DomainSecure.net Reseller program. From what I can tell from the T&Cs there is no way to have a negative account balance at DomainSecure.net , which is what I had at Enom.com until I shut down the site. That is correct. Enom.com was charging ME fees for the fraudulent charges, even though the credit card companies refund all the money back to Enom.com. WTH! ENOM! You not making enough, that you have to gouge resellers?
I have attempted to share my experience as accurately as possible. I am not perfect, so Enom, you can byte me if you don’t like what I have shared above. I have copies of all the reports, phone calls and tickets that have led to this decision.
I almost forgot the web site reporting function does not work properly either. Very hard to replicate, but I can if needed. Be warned of doing business with Enom (or anyone really).
Good luck!